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John Pilger: Truth About Venezuela Coup Attempt.

February 17, 2015


(Source, thank you to: – ZNet: A Community of People Committed to Social Change / Posted on February 16, 2015 / Comment: According to veteran journalist and documentary film producer John Pilger, Washington, “ruled by true extremists”, has a problem with Venezuela’s “threat of a good example”)


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Support Venezuela

Albert: Why would the U.S. want Venezuela’s government overthrown?

Pilger: There are straightforward principles and dynamics at work here. Washington wants to get rid of the Venezuelan government because it is independent of US designs for the region and because Venezuela has the greatest proven oil reserves in the world and uses its oil revenue to improve the quality of ordinary lives. Venezuela remains a source of inspiration for social reform in a continent ravaged by an historically rapacious U.S. An Oxfam report once famously described the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua as ‘the threat of…

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