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Ukraine: Washington’s Hysteria Towards Russia Hides US Regime Change

March 9, 2014


From ‘msnbc’, the real situation regarding the Ukraine violence and politics.

This blog source does not make up stories, it writes them for no other reason than to counteract the propaganda from the mainstream media and the literally evil missions and lies of the Western governments, supported (at least that), by the UN. There is no axe to grind other than to promote truth and justice. No money to be made, no accolades to be received – just pure honest striving for justice and the saving of humanity by humanitarian means.

The public, of course will make up their own minds, assuming that they have some capacity to excercise their minds as distinct from blindly accepting the propaganda. The ‘msnbc’ and like blogs provide the opportunity to consider the ‘other side’ of the stories. Failing to take this opportunity means accepting the travesty of justice and therefore being a part…

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