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Why i started this blog

January 30, 2013

I Have decided to start my own blog, mainly because 140 characters isn’t enough room for my long-winded retorts. So i hope to inform, and be informed by reaching out to all of you.

I have been involved in the political game for a very short time, and am being educated everyday. At the same time i have seen a lot in the real world, enough to know that we are being bullshitted by some of the people we hired to represent us in Washington.

Hopefully, this blog will help enlighten those that are not from my side of town. Learn how the real people feel. From the perspective of a Black Man. I am not going to restrict my blog to black issues, but i want to address American Issues,  Also i will be stating my own strong opinions on topics that concern or interest me.

I hope they interest you too.

PS: watch formy other spot brbones blog@wordpress too.



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