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The Housing Reno’s Homeless Program

The Lotus Institute [Autosaved]3images (36)This is a plan that can house every person in any city in a system that has millions of people who are homeless, or on the verge of homelessness.

This system encompasses temporary survival pods and personal shelters. This will serve as an alternative to sleeping in a shelter, in a tent, or on the street.

Thru my studies, and thru asking the homeless i have found that, most people, though they don’t mind motels, prefer not to stay in shared shelter situations.

Shelters are the last choice of the majority of the people on the streets. Shelter life is a hopeless, semi supervised, shared, unsafe environment. Especially for children, and women. There is no privacy, no security, and child abuse is rampant. The housing situation is getting worse. The job situation is not getting any better.

Many people are more comfortable alone, and some need to be alone and not around a lot of people, especially Homeless veterans.

Motels are a cesspool of drugs and crime. The owners with integrity are far and in between, but still, they are prefered to shelters. Personally, he motels send the majority of the money they recieve out of the country. I feel it takes the tax dollars out of the community because, the people who own the motels don’t employ and don’t spend here. Vouchers are also a part of the problem as well as the solution. They are another way of manipulating the system. Section 8 is a good program, but it is limited in funding and the number of families it can service.

I have concluded that the growth that is predicted, and the jobs that are being anticipated by the corporations locating in Reno is going to be contingent on the training, housing, crime, and image projected by the city to draw the talent necessary to produce the products they are touting.

That means we must clean up our act.

One main problem is urban blight and homelessness. This is a result of poverty. This poverty causes a sence of powerlessness. This breeds crime and violence. Which in turn brings more poverty and powerlessness.

I am not going to get into the details of circumstances, and this is not a lecture. This is a solution.

The Housing Reno’s Homeless Project is a simple solution to immediatlly aleiviate the problem.

First, we fund the construction of small portable survival units that can serve the immediate needs of the population that cannot or will not stay in a government shelter. each shelter will cost under 100 dollars per unit. these units will be custom-built to serve thru the winter.

During the winter thru spring, with the input and help of the people who will be living in the units we can produce 4 units each day and shelter the people who may have pets, or another need to be independent in their living arrangements. This will give another option to people who may have a group to support them. They can camp with more comfort than a tent can provide.

As the demand for the survival pods and personal shelters wanes, we can start to build the permanent container housing units. Each unit will take about two weeks, and we can build two at a time with a minimum of space. A small warehouse can suffice, and we are going to do everything possible to keep all cost to a minimum.

Each container unit will cost between 5  and 10 thousand dollars each, and will be equipped with everything necessary to live in total comfort for the remainder of the client’s life, if that’s what they want. The units have an unlimited potential for additions, and modifications.

They will own the units free and clear. The only bills would be space rent, and water. Each unit will be fully self-contained with solar, wind, optional compost toilets and RV hookups for shore power, sewer, and outside water hookups.

This system is also compatible to convert small spaces, convert commercial space into livable units, or even tiny houses on trailers.

We have sourced the suppliers, and have been offered deep discounts. We have a property picked out to do the work. If it is still available we can start now.

The initial outlay for phase one will be $20.000, this will pay for the materials, and labor, for 3 months.

Case workers, vacant land, and police security is not included in this, as we are not equipped to meet those demands. They must be met by the city , county, state, VA, and Federal government.

We at the Lotus Institute have invested months in investigating, researching, and communicating with many authorities on this subject, and have the full support of the groups around the country who are already deeply involved in this work. Most do not have the cooperation of the towns they are in. I am in the high hopes that we will be the city that sets the example to the rest of the country of mutual cooperation, and compassion for our most underserved citizens.

Thank you for your consideration;

Claude Conkrite President:

The Lotus institute


Snowden Reveals Existence of Global Spy Program

Source: Snowden Reveals Existence of Global Spy Program

Snowden Reveals Existence of Global Spy Program

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A former employee of the CIA and NSA, Snowden’s leaked files confirming the existence of ECHELON, a spying network that goes far beyond the capabilities of anything previously believed to exist.

Codename: ECHELON

ECHELON is a global system designed to intercept both private as well as commercial methods of communication. It is essentially a device that watches over everyone. According to reports, this worldwide tracking system has been in operation since as early as 1988.

The plans for the device however, were born as early as 1947 and involved the top countries in the world today: Canada, Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, as well as the United Kingdom. How much do we already know about such an intrusive and obviously illegal…

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